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Russ, where would you place your stop?
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Those weren't blue chips, "smaller companies" and I got them at a nice discount :) Yeah, Anglo I'm happy calling a blue chip despite the fact that they nearly drove into a ditch this year.
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Rams,when I bought my plan was to exit if it fell below the low of 19 July of 63.61. I chose this because this is also just below the support line of the symmetrical triangle.I think I will keep that rising support line as my stop so my stop will also be rising slightly each day. However I am hoping that the resistance line of the symm triangle will now act as support so the price won't fall back below the breakout point (which is at about 65.20 at present, and falling slightly each day). Since the support line and the prior resistance line are very close to crossing(as the breakout occurred at the apex)the support line will soon be higher than the prior resistance line so that level will be irrelevant-I will just use the rising support line as my stop level. I hope this makes sense.