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Tax Free Investment Account Limited Offer

Tax Free Investment Account Limited Offer



As this tax year ends and the new one begins, you have the opportunity to make use of your Tax Free allowance by investing in select JSE-listed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) using your Tax Free Investment Account (TFIA) from SBG Securities*.

Not only will this enable you to build a diversified portfolio without exposing you to the risk of investing in individual shares, you can also benefit from our special limited offer:

FREE brokerage on selected investments!


In addition to the specially reduced brokerage of 0.25% on ETFs purchased in this account, if you choose to invest in STANLIB** ETFs there will be no brokerage fees*** allowing you to truly maximize the growth of your Tax Free investments.


The STANLIB ETFs available are:

Please note that statutory charges still apply and that this offer is only valid until 31 March 2017.


How to Open a Tax Free Investment Account

You can invest in a Tax Free Investment account via the Standard Online Share Trading (OST) platform.


Log on at
and follow these easy steps:

  • Login to OST
  • Click on the ‘My Account’ tab
  • Click on ‘Product Registration’
  • Click on ‘Tax Free Investment Account Registration’
  • Click on ‘Apply’.


or you can invest in a Tax Free Investment account via the Standard Bank**** Internet Banking portal and trade all listed instruments that have been TFIA approved.


Log on at
and follow these easy steps:

  • Login to Internet Banking
  • Click on the ‘Tax Free Investment Account’ tab
  • Click on ‘Register’
  • Complete the online registration form
  • Click on ‘Continue’.

 Please note if you wish to open a TFIA through internet banking, you need to have completed the registration by 12:00AM on the 24th of February in order for the account to be opened in time, and have placed your purchase order before 23:00PM on the 27th of February.


For more information about Tax Free Investment Accounts please take a look at the attached resources:


If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments or start a new thread in the Talk section.

* Please note that this is a product provided by SBG Securities Proprietary Limited (Reg. No. 1972/008305/07). SBG Securities is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Standard Bank Group Limited, an authorised user of the JSE Limited and an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 26691). For more information on SBG Securities please go to
**STANLIB Asset Management Limited
*** Terms and conditions apply. 100% of brokerage will be rebated, only applicable to purchase transactions.

**** The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (Reg. No. 1962/000738/06). Authorised financial services provider and registered credit provider.

New Member

Well done to Std OST for providing extra incentive to hold the STANLIB ETF's !

I already have an OST account and TFIA.  Is it possible to open additional linked TFIA accounts - I need to open TFIA for my wife, and one for a grand-child. 

What are the options available to me in this regard? 

Thanks - Tim. 



Hi TimJ


It is possible to open additional TFIAs and link them to your OST Login.


In order to do so you would complete the online registration form for a new OST account using your wifes' amd grandchilds' details. 


Once they have been FICAed and the accounts are open, your wife would compelte a Power of Attorney form, and the guardian of the child would complete a minors schedule. 


This would allow us to link the accounts to your user profile in OST and for you to transact on their accounts.


Please note that your grand-child cannot be younger than 7 years old.


Any of our consultants could assist you in this process.

Werner de Jager

I would like to make use of the Stanlib offer but I already have a TFIA.

I want to invest R 500.00 per month but I see the offer ends 31 March 2017. does this mean that only my investments made into the account until 31 March 2017 will qualify for the offer?

I also want to know when can we start investing for the new tax year?

Frequent Visitor

Hi Stu,


Thanks for the above information.  I'm keen to set up accounts similar to what Tim wants to do.  Just for clarity in opening the new account, do we open the OST account as if were a new standalone account, and then once it's open we would link it to my profile?


Thanks, Gary


Great that SB is offering this! Please clarify is the annual limit clearly applied on tax year i.e. 1 Mar-28 Feb so that it is possible to put in say 15000 before 28 Feb and then again after 1 Mar say another 20000 before 31 Mar to make use of the special offer, without triggering the penalties?

Many Thanks,



Hi All


I will reply to everyone in turn below:


Werner, the offer is only valid until 31 March, any purchases of Stanlib products after 31 March will incur the normal brokerage charge of 0.25% + statutory fees. You can start investing for the new tax year from 1 March 2017.


Gary, yes you are correct. You would open an account as if it were a standalone account, and then once we have receieved a signed Power of Attorney form from the account ID holder we would be able to transfer the account to your user profile.


Suraj, as you are aware the tax year end is the end of Feb. You could transfer money into the account before the end of Feb using this years tax free allowance, and then transfer more money in before end of March which would use your new tax free allowance, incurring no penalties. Please be aware that the limit per tax year is R30 000 and exceeding this in either the current tax year or the new one will incur penalties. 


Nice offer from Stanlib, but if you want me to invest in your funds like the Stanlib Top40, then please provide a more recent info brouchure on your fund. Using the hyperlink above takes me to a fact sheet as at 31 Dec 2015.



Are there any indicators available to show, say the top 6 dividend performers of the Standardbank selected TFIA's the last 5 years or 1 year?


Hi Kiran,


Thanks for letting me know, I will get the updated fact sheets uploaded shortly

Regular Visitor

Hi Stu

I am interested in investing in the Stanlib ETF's. I already have a SBG TFIA and wish to make my deposit but i am not sure if the amount is now R33,000 for 2017/2018 tax year. Please can you confirm


Hi da13Oct


You are correct, the limit for the new tax year (2017/2018) is R33 000. 


Where can the past performances of the Standardsbank TFIA's be found.


Hi tony001


Do you mean the Stanlib ETFs in the offer?


You can click on the product name in the article and it will take you to the fact sheet PDF


Let me know fi that is what you are looking for.


Hi StuS

Thank you for the quick reply. Currently there are 42 ETF's on offer. I am trying to find out if there is a way I can check the top performers of the 42 ETF's on offer say for the last 5 years or 1 year.


Hi tony001


Currently you would need to look at price charts on the OST platform individually, this is data that we are looking at collating into the kind of report you are interested in, but I would not be able to give you a fixed timeline on when this will be completed.


Thank you StuS



I only want some opinions: