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Why do I need to inform the bank if I am travelling internationally?


As part of our fraud monitoring practices, we flag transactions in certain countries as a ‘high risk’. In order for you to be assured your cards won’t be declined because of these flags, please inform us when you will be travelling.


To notify us of your travel dates, follow these steps:


    • Sign-in to the app
    • Swipe the screen from left to right
    • Navigate to ‘Manage Cards'
    • Select the card you’d like to use while you’re abroad
    • Select ‘Use Card Abroad’
    • Toggle this to ‘on’
    • Confirm your departure and arrival dates
    • Select the country(ies) you’ll travel to – up to 9
    • Add alternative contact details for someone else, while you are away
    • Take note of your reference number (top right corner)
    • You can change these settings at any time - and you will get a new reference number
    • You can also delete your travel by toggling 'Use card abroad' to 'off'



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New Member

Which app. Is this, because my iPad Stabdard bank app does not swipe from Left to Right.

Community Coordinator

Hi Ni,


Please clarify what you need help with so that I am better able to assist.



Standard Bank Team.

New Member

My iPad app also doesn't swipe from left to right. I want to navigate to manage cards but can't find it.  Please advise how to find "manage cards" thanks. 

Community Coordinator

Hi Cstuart,


Which device do you use to access the app?



Standard Bank Team