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Using the Kidz Banking app

How do I approve/decline requests from my child for cash, airtime or data?


  • Parents will receive an SMS alert whenever their child has requested a cash withdrawal from their account, or an airtime/data purchase.
  • To approve the request, the parent taps on the Kidz Banking tile from their banking app
  • On the Overview screen, any recent requests are displayed
  • Tap on ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ for the request in question

 Note: children can only have one cash request pending at any one time (they cannot make multiple cash requests)


How do I create a new mission for my child?

You can create a new mission at any time. In the parent’s banking app, go to the Kidz Banking tile, and tap on ‘Missions’ to create a new mission.


How do I respond to a new mission request from my child?
  • If your child has sent you a mission request, you will receive an SMS.
  • Go to the Kidz Banking tile in your banking app, and view the mission request.
  • Tap on ‘Approve’ to create a new mission.
  • Give the mission a name, a rand value, and a due date (by which the child must complete the mission) - and tap on ‘Create’
  • The Child can now log into their Kidz Banking app, and visit the ‘Leopard Habitat’ to see the details of the mission.

 Parents can delete the mission at any time by simply tapping ‘Delete’


How do I add/change the cellphone number for my child?

In the parent’s banking app, tap on the Kidz Banking tile, and select ‘Details’ at the top of the screen, followed by ‘Cellphone number’. Here you can add or edit your child’s cellphone number. Once you have successfully changed the cellphone number, you will also be asked to change or confirm the network service provider (eg MTN, Vodacom etc).

This is the number which will be topped up for any prepaid airtime and data purchases within the Kidz Banking app


How do I change the Kidz App password/PIN?

In the parent’s banking app, tap on the Kidz Banking tile, and select ‘Details’ at the top of the screen, followed by ‘Kidz App password’. Here you can change your child’s password/PIN.


Can both parents have access to the child’s account?

For now, only one parent can link their account to their child’s account, to use Kidz Banking. However, one parent can have as many children linked to their account as they would like.


How to deregister device and link other device:

The customer would need to login into to the standard bank app. Under settings there is a list of devices, she needs to find the device that the kidz app was linked to and unlink it.

Once that is done you can reopen the kidz app and sign in with her husbands details.

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