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Only one way

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so on what grounds do they state the government is selling their shares ?? government (and here I assume PIC) did not own a significant notifiable stake when the news broke ..
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@simon, i cannot answer your question. Have a look at last week episode, where Mia Kruger was the guest . It was the guy and not Mia that spoke about this.
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Re:Only one way

I bought a bit of it after the drop and am very happy to hold. There might be shenanigans but they also know how to work their stock and operations. When everyone hates them, I'll happily buy. When everyone loves them it's too late. I didn't buy more because there could well be more bad news (e.g. more directors in on it). If it drops I'll probably buy unless there's a long-term (> 10 years) problem for their business.

Bring on the bad news.
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Re:Only one way

The stripey horse is right.