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Do some research on AEL - specifically with a view to the value ascribed to the underlying "BYTES" business which was taken private by ALTRON a few years back. This will give you a new perspective on the pricing of EOH. Personally I would rather take my chances playing the recovery (possibly) in this thing (and I have/am) and keep my investment capital for typical investment grade companies; which EOH is not! IMHO.
............. I was poo-pooed on this thing at R5. Their BYTES subsidiary is till worth a multiple of AEL's entire market if EOH type metrics are anything to go on.
I'm quite happy with the 200 I held after dumping a bit.
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Hi Thresh, I recall you punting this thing on the old forum and it has certainly moved since then. As for AXL, I think the bottom side is limited, so like you have taken a punt, unfortunately no CFDs available unless you closing an old position, which thankfully I haven't. Don't know how you enjoying this new forum, for me like talking to oneself, and by the activity compared with the old one, they seem to have voted with their feet.


Hi PH.  Yeah took more AXL too - up to 2m - probably just being greedy now... which is never a good idead. I am trying to find more current fiancials for STANGEN INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. Only have the 2015 year end but there must be a serious wad of cash in this wholly owned subsidiary too. STANGEN Msut be worth north of R500m is she generted R80+ m in free premiums. (plus her excess cash to required reserves. Essentially - you give them 40c and they invest R2 on your behalf. Could be serious upside in this - like SUPERGROUP all those years ago. Probably just wishful thinking.

This forum stinks. Finding it in the first place is liike going through a Smart Phone menu.

I must admit that the old forum had also turned into a morgue towards the end of last year. In fact it got progressively quieter as the years went by.

All of the traders (nearly) see their backsides over time (especially in markets like these.)

Nobody wants to discuss investments ... seems those are the silent (and wealthy?) types.

Just heads and shoulders,  cups and saucers, flags and wedges, islands and doji this and thats.

It's all good - until it isn't! 

Then they're gone.  (Which is not always a bad thing since they get progressively more aggressive and abusive as the market bites harder.)

Still - I far preferred the previous forum.



It may be flying a kite with a lead sring but apropos the forum I couldn't agree more - I wish they had some how made it easier to follow a conversation. And then I also wish

that there had been an investors corner - I am not a trader and frankly this means that the discussions on economic background , margins of safety , business models are all lost in a "see" of stochastic tealeaves

( okay I use that stuff ) but I just want to talk to people who assemble portfolios with an efficient frontier in mind - per se that implies an objective and all that jazz.

PS I think that this lot are looking more and more attractive as a share.