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Quite volatile at the moment but I like it and am long. It is trying to break out of a falling wedge at present-buy divergence on the daily RSI suggests that it will.

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agreed - been a holder since early 2009. I hear the criticism and agree with a lot of it regarding fees, but like the fact, as a shareholder you are given access into companies you would never have been allowed too - view it very much as a long term play ...

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Russ, I am in REI for the long run. anyway you can post the cart here?





The point is this - this is a poor man like me's private equity - I don't want income - i WANT long term proteciotn of purchasing power

 which means INFLATION plus 5 -6 after charges - by which measure these lads are okay-  DIRECT TAX is going to get worseter and worseter

Uncle Pravin is going to press down on CGT - IF NOT THIS year then sometime soon----

SO don't be surprised if the inclusion rate goes up again : a percentage of CGT inclusion rate of ANYTHING less than 100% is ALWAYS BETTER than a direct

tax on a 100% of a trade profit I am sitting back and when the price weakens happy to buy more. Is the portfolio like the curate's proverbial egg ("good in parts" ) - short answer - yes.

Are the fees low - no. Are the fees in line with hedge funds - short answer yes. I love Pencorp - and i AM looking for the next big buy...