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So as a holder of TON for the rains that are returning I been digging on these worms. Loclly we have Fall Armyworm but all inidcations is that it has been caught quick enough and poisons are avaliable to kill them off. So there will be some spots of damage but mostly the improved crops expected this season seem safe.

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Re: Armyworm

The continued fall in the maize futures is an indication that the situation seems to be under control. This will no doubt excludes the little guy in the affected areas with a few rows planted only for home use. White maize futures for July getting very close to export parity (=/- R2000/ton) a far cry from R5000 only 8 months ago, this should bring the price of maize meal tumbling down however as I previously stated whether the like of PFG will reduce it to that extent remains to be seen.The same price movements applies to yellow maize, but to a lesser extent (R3800 down to R2100) making the likes of ARL, QFH and even RCL's share price move in a positive direction