• From the home screen, select the transact icon the top right of the screen
  • Select ‘Pay’
  • Select ‘Pay a new Beneficiary’
  • Select ‘A beneficiary outside South Africa’
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Select ‘Get started’
  • Confirm that all your personal details are correct (if they are not, then select ‘These details are incorrect’ and visit your nearest Standard Bank Bureau de Change to update your personal details)


  • Select ‘Confirm’
  • Complete the
    • Beneficiary personal details
    • Beneficiary bank details
    • BOP Code (your reason for payment)
    • Fee type option. Standard Bank as well as the beneficiary bank will charge fees for an international payment. If you select, I’ll pay for all the fees, then you will be charged fees by Standard Bank and then at a later date, the beneficiary bank will charge you a fee as well. If you select, “We’ll split the fees”, you will be charged Standard Bank’s fees and the beneficiary will pay for the Beneficiary bank fees.
    • References
  • Enter the amount that you want to send
  • Stipulate the amount you want to send in either Rand or foreign currency by switching the toggle on the left next to the amount field
  • Select ‘Agree’
  • Review the transaction summary screen and tap on ‘Confirm’
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