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How do I use Touch ID (fingerprint biometrics) to access the banking app?

The new era of “password-less banking” is now upon us – and is currently available to our customers using the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6+. It gives you faster, on-the-go access to your banking – from wherever you may be.

To use Touch ID to access the banking app:


  • Go to the ‘Settings’ function on your iPhone
  • Go through the step-by-step guide on setting up your fingerprint
  • Visit the Standard Bank smartphone app from your iPhone
  • You will be invited to use Touch ID as your way of logging in

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Occasional Visitor

Hi, when can we expect a release for the iPad? 

Regular Visitor

When wil it be out for android ?

Occasional Contributor

Why don't you have fingerprint authentication on Android ? I can't believe how slow you are, every other bank has it.  It's really pathetic.

Frequent Visitor

When will this feature be avaiable on android? 

Community Coordinator

Good day @leeroymeyer


We have liaise with our technical team to advise when will this feature be available on your Android device. We will provide feedback as soon as we have more insights on this.




Frequent Visitor

Hi Boitumelo, thank you for the feedback. I really liked the feature when i was a apple user and just find it strange that 2 years since the first pist on this forum Standardbank still have not released this feature for Android. I understand the techal dept. Needs to give u feedback but if other banks offer the feature across all operating systems surely Standardbank is behind the times.


Thank you again for the feedback.

Community Coordinator

Hello Leeroymeyer,


Our technical team is still busy with the 'testing' phase of this feature. Once this feature is available, communication will be sent out. 

New Member

When will it be on Android?

Community Coordinator

Hello @Swalker,


Please be advised that our technical team has advised that this feature forms part of current development plans. Once the team has completed the testing phase, the feature will be enabled on your Android device. We will send out communication to our customers once this feature is active.




Occasional Contributor

Is there a reason why Standard Bank is at least 2 or 3 years behind every other bank when it comes to fingerprint authentication ? Are your developers finding it difficult to keep up with current technological trends ?   Perhaps, in the interest of keeping your customers happy, you could outsource this apparently very complex problem to someone who could help you to keep up with EVERYONE ELSE ????    It's appalling that the bank that charges the highest banking fees is the furthest behind in technology.   Giving us rubbish feedback like saying "it's in our current development plans" is just BS.  I have a commitment from Standard Bank in 2015 where it was promised with a matter of months.  Make a commitment and stick to it.

Occasional Contributor

This was promised by October, 2017. When will you deliver on your promises, Standard Bank?