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I forgot my password/ entered the wrong password/my account is locked? What do I do?

Please select the Have You Forgotten your Password link on the app. Enter the following details:


  1. Your Standard Bank card number
  2. Your ATM PIN associated with the card
  3. Your ID/passport number
  4. Your cellphone number
  5. The one-time password (OTP) sent to your cellphone number.
  6. On the next screen, create a new password for your Standard Bank ID.

Note: The app will know which set of credentials to ask for and you will be required to supply information which we have on record in order for us to verify who you are. If you validate incorrectly, you will not be able to reset your password. In this event you will have to go to a branch to verify or update your information. Only then will you be able to reset your password.

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Hi - After entering my password wrong i have been locked out! - The email i used when i originally setup is no longer in use!

I have been to my brnach and changed the email to my current one - I have then tried to reset and enetered my new mail, reflects the device is not linked to this profile? - Please advise!

Community Coordinator



You will need to visit a branch for assistance.

New Member


My account is blocked. Do you have a bank in the UK that I can visit to restore my online banking and reset my pin.

New Member

what if I can't remember the card pin and atm pin 

Community Coordinator

Hello @Anthoula,


Please be advised that you will need to visit your nearest branch or contact customer care on 0860 123 000 in order to be assisted with recreating your pin.


Kind Regards,


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Hi, I tried to get cash out of the ATM, but after putting my pin in, it gave my card back and said "CODE: 0461 Sorry, your pin has been locked, you will not be able to transact using this card." Why would this have happened?
Occasional Visitor

I was trying to buy Hollywood voucher it required password I forgot it and it says it's blocked I can't change it cos I don't remember it

New Member

Hi. I am logged into the standard bank app on my cellphone but can't log into the internet banking on the browser as I have forgotten my password. I have followed all the steps of entering card number etc but it won't budge! Plus I work 5-9 mom - sat so I never get a chance to go to the branch. Pls help! I can verify or give any needed documentation 

Community Coordinator

Hello @DaniCat,


Can I kindly ask that you forward your Standard Bank ID (email address registered for digital banking), ID number and contact details to [email protected] with the subject line "online banking password reset" so that we can look into this and assist you accordingly.


Kind Regards,


New Member

I am overseas and I would like to change phone. Would I be able to receive the OTP pin via email?

New Member

Hi due to entering the wrong pin when asked for ATM PIN. I have been lockout and apparently I have to visit my branch to correct this and change my pin, however due to the lockdown that is currently taking place how do I rectify this without going to my branch ?  

Please help .

New Member

I can't find that question on my app

New Member

I have forgotten my online standard bank app password, I always sign in with my thumb print and now I have to do a password and I don't know what it is 

Occasional Visitor

I was able to reset password but every time I try to pay online, I get an sms with a confirmation OTP code. And then I am not able to pay