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I am interested in Offshore investment, what are my options?


There are locally listed options that provide exposure to major offshore indices. Alternatively you can invest offshore by externalising currency using our sister platform Webtrader.


Within the Online Share Trading (OST) and Auto Share Invest (ASI) space, there are the DB X-trackers which are ETF’s tracking 4 of the major markets including the USA, Europe, Japan and the UK.

In addition to the exchange traded DB X-trackers, there are also the ETNs that provide you with exposure to China and Africa to name a few.


Up until recently Deutsche Bank instruments were the only available securities that provided offshore exposure. That has changed since November 2016, when CoreShares listed the CoreShares S&P 500 and the CoreShares Global Prop ETF’s. These ETF’s provide you with exposure to the S&P500 index and the offshore property market respectively. The interesting thing fact about the CoreShares Global Prop ETF is that it has a 57% exposure weighting to the US property market!


Trading out of a USD, GBP or EUR account has never been easier than with Standard Bank Webtrader. This multi-asset class platform provides you with market access to the USA, UK, most of Europe and Hong Kong. With over 2500 ETFs available within the platform, you WILL find an ETF that tracks your desired industry or market.


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