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what financial wellness means to you and how you’re going about achieving this – both financially...

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Financial wellness is freedom. Freedom to live happily. Freedom of Choice. It gives you options to move forward. It will alow you to educate your kids. It allows you to withstand the bumps and rainy days that comes along (with certainty) on this road of life.

To achieve this one has to make sacrifices.

One has to curb the spontaneous puchases in life and ask the questions?

Is so many shoes/clothes neccassary?

Do I need the latest Car every 5 years or even 3?

Must I live in debt and buy the best house?

Do I need an overseas holiday every year?

Can I scale down so that I can Save?

Saving is vital, no matter what the circumstance are or how little you earn, you need to save, even if it is R100 per month (at lease it is a start). Make the sacrifice to start the savings culture.

It might help you a little now but it will help your children even more, and your grandchldren even more once financial freedom is achieved.

Because they might get an opportunity to study and create a better life for themselves and their children.

If you have a bond, pay excess funds into it as the Bond would yield garanteed minimum 10% effective return a year.

Once the Bond is at managable/ comfortable levels to free cash flow (50% or lower), start an RA for tax savings and life savings in a Balanced fund.

Once all these goals are reached, 'now' you can spend a bit more on Cars, shoes, clothes house, holiday, etc.

The best time to start saving is Now. Think, Plan, Make it happen...

Once the vision is set out, it will become a is almost garanteed.

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