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Berkshire Hathaway AGM recording
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I have long wanted to attend the annual general meeting of Berkshire Hathaway in which Warren Buffett and Charlie Muger spend hours answering questions from the media, analysists and shareholders. Last year they webcast it for the firt time but I was on holiday and couldn't listen in. This year I made sure not to miss it, and it was well worth the five hours. I am not a shareholder nor do I hold any of the stocks they talk about, but there is literally a ton to learn.


The audio files (five hours) in MP3 of the morninh and afternoon sessions are below to download / listen and are well worth the time.


Areas covered;

  • Risks of staff misconduct
  • Driverless cars
  • Threats such as sugar such back against Coke, cashless payments and American Express
  • Continuous learning
  • Stay out of enough terrible businesses you off to a good start
  • Selling a third of IBM while buying Apple
  • Peanut brittle (Munger eats it all the time)
  • Time will tell you if you're correct
  • Don't play where the other people are better
  • Execution is what counts
  • Why the buying into airlines?
  • Railroads were terrible for decades, now they great businesses.
  • Can we know enough about this to make a decision?
  • Executive pay and bonus options
  • Jeff Bezos has hit it out the park. Twice. Both times from nothing.
  • EBIDTA is a scam, depreciation is always a cost.
  • Corporate tax rates and hidden corporate cost of medical insurance
  • Being wrong, ling ignorant and missing out
  • Threat of online
  • Active vs. passive and fees charged by the industry
  • New CEO

Morning session (3 hours and 3 minutes)

Afternoon session (2 hours and 7 minutes)




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thanks Simon.