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Changes to ViewPoint platform
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We would like to announce the following enhancements to the ViewPoint platform.

1. Portfolio widget

We have added a compact view for the Portfolio widget.The compact view reduces the size of the spacing in the grids. Additionally, we have added an additional View of the portfolio widget.The "Tile View" presents a portfolio as a series of tiles containing security information on price, movement and volume. It also includes the additional "Description" column. You may also trade from the Tile View.

2. OrderPad widget

We have also added a compact view for the Order Pad widget.


3. Chart widget

You can now trade directly from the Chart widget. After entering a security, the Buy and Sell buttons will become available in the top row of the Chart widget.

4. Quote Widget

We have also enhanced the Quote widget to include hyperlinks on the Bid, Ask and Last Traded price fields. You can click on either of these fields to launch the Order Entry and place an order for the selected security.

5. New Market Map widget

The new Market Map widget displays live and continuous market data, enabling you to easily monitor a region, market sector or watchlist. Create Market Maps for your watchlists, tie them into your broadcast groups, and carve up your screen to enable multiple market maps to run simultaneously.


6. ViewPoint video tutorials


Now you can have direct access to ViewPoint and Online Share Trading Tutorials. Simply add a new widget to your worksheet, navigate to the 'media' tab and add the OST tutorial widget to your worksheet window pane. 
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