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Favourite podcasts
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I am a huge podcast fan, it’s like PVR for radio and lets me listen to what I want when I want. So, I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite investing / trading podcasts.

The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield
Top of the list surely? You can listen every night on 702 or Cape Talk or grab the podcast the next morning and listen at our leisure. My issue is that you can only subscribe via iTunes or listen via the web.

From the award winning book, wide ranging topics that aren’t always about money or even economics, but always great fun and incredibly well produced.

DH unplugged
A sometimes rambling usually jaundiced look at what’s happening in markets.

The Disciplined Investor
A great weekly interview with leading names and often very technical and sometimes a bit off the wall.

Trend Following with Michael Covel
Less about trend following, more about psychology with wide ranging guests that always finds itself back to trading.

Motley Fool Money
Weekly US market wrap that in 38 minutes keeps me up to speed with what’s happening in the US markets.

Planet Money
Produced by NPR an eclectic mix of topics from literally buying a barrel of oil to the avocado trade.

Motley Fool Answers
Money, retirement, saving. All the simple but important with a strong US slant that is not always relevant to our situation but always fun and a little off the wall at times.

Odd Lots
Produced by Bloomberg and hosted by Joe Weisenthal & Tracy Alloway. Very money / investing focused with a great theme and guest every week (such as negiotating a ransom and poker as an anology for passive vs. active investing ).
Masters in Business
Great interviews by Barry Ritholtz with leading names in the investing world. Always a fascinating listen.

Finally, I am directly involved in two podcasts. One I host, JSE Direct, and the other I guest, The Fat Wallet Show.


What would you add to the list? Comment below?

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Absolutely love the Fat wallet show! The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield is also great indeed.


The only one not on this list I listen to is the podcast from Alec Hogg but only if the subject matter sounds interesting.

I also listen to the Fat Wallet Show and JSE Direct and they are both excellent. The Fat Wallet show is number one for me overall.

I'll try a few others in this list and see how things go.

Thanks for the recommendations Simon!