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Standard Online Share Trading is getting a facelift! We’ve recently launched the 1st version of our new site, BETA Release 1.0, and we’d like to invite our community to tell us how we can make this new experience ßeta.



BETA  release includes the following features:

  1. Viewing Portfolios
  2. Trading
  3. Watchlists
  4. Triggers
  5. Launch ViewPoint


Please send your feedback and suggestions to [email protected].



 Searching for an Instrument

Click on the search icon on the top right of the screen then you may type in the share code e.g. SBK or start typing in the name of the company. 

The search results will populate. 

Then click on any share to get a quote or more information on the share.

Search For an Instrument2.jpgInstrumentSearch.PNG




 Trading/Placing  an Order


On the top right of the screen you can click on "Trade". This will display the Trade Ticket. If you are already viewing a specific share, the Instrument on the trade ticket will be defaulted to that share. You may also change the share code at anytime. Also a new feature of the trade ticket is that you can now choose wheather or not you would like type in a password each time you place an order. After capturing the trade information, click on review and you will be prompted to confirm on cancel the request.

Trade Ticket.pngTradeTicket.PNG




Viewing a Portfolio


On the left of the screen you will see your list of your accounts. Click on the account number to view the Portfolio overview screen. 

On this screen you will see tabs that will allow you to view market news for your portfolio, cash transaction history, orders on your portfolio, triggers and a sector breakdown for your portfolio.

You will also view your individual holdings. By clicking anywhere on the line of your holding, you can get more more detailed information of the instrument.


 Portfolio Overview.PNGPotfolioView with more info.PNG



Orders and Trades

You can search for your current and historical orders by clicking on the "Orders" menu on the left of the screen. You can also seacrh for all completed orders(trades) by clicking on the "COMPLETED" tab. At all times you will have the option of filtering by date, accounts or instrument.


By clicking anywhere on the line of the order you can retrieve more information about the order.





Withdrawing and Transferring Funds


Click on "TRANSACTIONS" on the top right on the screen.

 Withdraw or Transfer Funds.png



If you have any queries, feel free to respond to this post or send us an email to the [email protected] mailbox.

Please note that trades or other activities carried out on BETA 1.0 will affect your live account.

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If the spelling and grammar in this information is anything to go by, I don't have much confidence.

Dave Rissik
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I am unclear what SBG are trying to achieve with the “new look” OST platform.


I appreciate that there is pressure on institutions offering any financial services online to move with the times and make such platforms “mobile device” friendly. However, unless this process is carefully executed, the benefits to existing users, especially desktop or laptop users may be lost.


I have always viewed the current SBG OST platform as the best of breed with intuitive layouts, easily accessible links and “information rich” page renditions.


The OST BETA rendition seems to be gravitating to the SBG online banking look which works for banking transactional purposes but not in my opinion for the more complex requirements of OST, viz:


  • The formatting of share portfolio pages need to prevent “spill over” onto subsequent pages where say a portfolio of more than 10 instruments are held and remain information rich
  • Graphics need to be retained (“ a picture tells a thousand words”)
  • Links to important pages such as dividend history, historic statements, tax information, etc. appears at present absent


I have long argued that SBG should consider adding specific rates of return data to the platform for clients (i.e. similar to the XIRR function in MS Excel). While daily or annual share price movements are valuable, most valuable to a client is the overall specific time /money weighted return on his or her portfolio since inception or for any arbitrary period.


I trust the above is of some value to the development team.

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Facelift for the sake of aesthetics is never a good idea - if it does not include a paradigm shift in practicality, useability and innovation! The current site may not be pretty, but it is functional and sensible and concise. We do not want to scroll around trying to find functionality - if we want to do sightseeing, we will use our trading profits to tour the Alps or someplace . . . . That brings me to the investors main and only purpose - to make profits - and if your site hampers them in any way, they will go someplace else. I fully agree with the comment above and may I ask that you keep the current site available for people who uses the site as a means to a purpose and not as a destination.