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Navigate your way around the OST platform with these FAQs
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Navigating the OST site


1. How do I update my personal details on OST?


You need to log onto your account on and request the change online, if you wish to do any updates on your account.


When you have logged on, you have to click on MY ACCOUNT on the menu bar. It will bring up a drop down menu. At the bottom of the menu there is an option DETAILS/PREFERENCE; please also click on that option to bring you to your application details.  You will then have to change the details you wish to change then scroll down to the bottom to SUBMIT CHANGE.


The change would have been completed and you will receive an email to confirm the change request, and if required detail required supporting documents. Once received on our side, it will be updated accordingly.


2. How do I withdraw funds from my OST account?


  • Logon to
  • Click on my account
  • Click cash
  • Click transfer cash
  • Request settled funds withdrawal


3. How do I close an account with shares in it?


In order to close your share trading account, you will first need to exit all the positions that you have by selling the shares in your portfolio or transferring them to another account or broker. Once this is done, you can close your account. 


How to sell shares:

Logon to > my account > portfolio > click on share code for each share > trade and complete trade screen on right-hand side of the screen.  

Once shares are sold and the trades have settled (T+3), please send the account closure request [email protected]  once all the funds has been withdrawn.


How to transfer shares between your OST trading accounts:


You can transfer shares between your trading accounts sending us an email at [email protected]. You'll need to include the below details in your instruction to us:


Account number transferring from:

Account number transferring to:

Share name:

Quantity of shares:

Price shares should be transferred at (if changing ownership):

Account where fees/taxes are to be charged:


Please note that a transfer fee of R39.90 is applicable per counter that is being transferred.

In the case of a change in ownership, a Securities Transfer Tax of 0.25% of the value being transferred would apply.



How to transfer your tax-free investment account:


If you'd like to transfer your tax-free account, you can follow this link which gives you a detailed breakdown on "How to transfer your tax-free account"


4. How do I transfer funds to my trading account? 


For Standard Bank Account holders


Please see the below details on how to load a beneficiary: Standard Bank Internet Banking

  • Click on Payments and Transfers
    • Click on Beneficiaries
    • Click add new beneficiaries
    • Enter Own reference (personal reference)
    • Change Beneficiary Type from Private to Company
    • Type SBG then click search
    • Select a company SBG Sec Trust 6/7 Digit Ref (depending on the digits in your trading account)
    • Enter a beneficiary reference ( Trading Account Number)
    • Enter the One time password sent to your cell phone/email address


For Third Party Bank account holders 


Please load SBG Securities client trust account as a  beneficiary on your Internet banking facility to fund your account. The details are available once logged into the site, by navigating to My Account > Cash > Transfer Cash > Deposit Cash


5. How do I transfer shares between my OST accounts and/or to an external broker? 


Internal Transfer


You will need to email [email protected]. Please include the below details in your instruction to us:


Account number transferring from:

Account number transferring to:

Share name:

Quantity of shares:

Price shares should be transferred at (if changing ownership):

Account where fees/taxes are to be charged:


Please note that a transfer fee is applicable per counter that is being transferred.

In the case of a change in ownership, a Securities Transfer Tax of 0.25% of the value being transferred would apply. Please see here for our current fees


You'll be required to acknowledge the fees before we proceed. You'll also need to indicate which share trading account will be liable for the fees.


External transfer to another broker.


We require a written instruction to transfer your portfolio to your broker. It is also important that you provide the counter party with a copy of your instruction to avoid any delays in processing your request. The instruction should contain the following details:

  • Name of Broker
  • Account number held with that Broker
  • Name of the contact person
  • Contact number

You will need to confirm whether the shares must be transferred at cost price or the market price. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your trading account to facilitate the transfer as your trading account will be debited with the cost.


Please see here for our current fees, and note that the fees work differently depending on whether you are doing a complete or partial transfer. Also remember to request that your trading account be closed should you wish to discontinue with our service otherwise your trading account may still be debited with our monthly admin fees. You can download the Broker transfer form by clicking on the PDF attachment below titled "Broker to broker Transfer form 2020".


6. Withdrawal of funds following a sale of shares?


Proceeds from a sale of shares will only be available for withdrawal 3 working days after the date of sale (T + 3). Once the funds have settled, a withdrawal can be requested by logging onto your Online Share Trading profile and going to My Account > Cash > Transfer Cash > Request Settled Funds Withdrawal.


Note that you are able to request a withdrawal prior to the settlement of these funds (ie.early settlement) by contacting our helpdesk at [email protected] or by calling 0860 121 161 post the current national lockdown. Please be advised that this early settlement would attract a fee per the fee schedule


7. My deposit is not reflecting on ViewPoint?


Please note that deposits of funds normally reflect overnight on the ViewPoint platform. Should you need to have these reflect sooner, please contact us on [email protected] for assistance.


8. How can I participate in Initial Public Offerings (IPO) or Private Placements?


From time to time Online Share Trading clients are invited to participate in IPOs and Private Placements by clicking on the appropriate corporate action link under the Special Announcements section of the home page. If you have elected to be notified of IPOs and Private Placements we will inform you when such events are available via email. This email will also provide steps to follow for participation.


9. How do I participate in corporate action elective events (eg. Elective dividend events) on the Online Share Trading platform?


You may submit your election by logging onto your profile then going to My Account > Electives and Proxy Events. This will lead you to our corporate actions page where you’ll be able to participate in elective dividend events and/or submit your vote.


  • Q: When I log in I get the message "you have a corporate event" but when I click action now it just opens the home page
  • A: You need to ensure that you have pop-ups enabled on your computer to be able to access this page. We have attached a guide (document titled 'Corporate Actions online quick user guide' below) on how to make your election for your perusal.


10. How do I access research/analyst reports?


You can access research reports by logging onto your profile and going to Tools> Research > Analyst Report; Economic; or Tech Analysis. Research reports are also made available on the Market Overview page. To access this page go to Market Info > Market Overview.


11. What instruments can I trade on the Online Share Trading platform?


A wide range of instruments are available on the platform. Currently we offer trade in Shares, Warrants, CFDs, Futures (SSFs, Index, Commodity, Currency), Option Strategies, Exchange Traded Funds, Exchange Traded Notes and Preference Shares


12. How do I see which shares indices are comprised of?


To view the different indices on the JSE and which shares are in them, please log on to your profile and go to Market Info > List of Indices. This page will display current point movements and stats. To see the shares within the index, click on the link below the “Index Shares” column for the respective index.


13. How do I download webinars?

Kindly note past webinars are placed on the website , once logged onto your account from the the Home Page > Special Announcements > Webinar downloads








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I would like to amend the stop loss for my shares in the WEBTRADER .

How do I cancel the existing stop order and insert new one ?

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