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The danger of 'buy low, sell high' when a share is crashing
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Whenever we see market darlings fall on the JSE, the number one question I get is: “should we buy it now?”


Of course, buy low, sell high wisdom tells us that the best time to buy a share is when the price is low. That way, you’ll make a killing the moment it rebounds.


But what if it doesn’t rebound? For me, investing is not a gambling game. Neither is trading. And so, if you don’t have a particular indication for ‘buy’ apart from simply “but it’s falling” then you’re just gambling and not making an informed decision.


I have a checklist of questions one should consider before buying a share that’s falling at an alarming speed.

  • Do you know why the share is falling?
  • What is the company saying or doing in response to the rapid share price decline?
  • Is there stock falling because of an internal issue or is it something management has no control over (external).
  • Have regulatory bodies said anything that may impact the share price further?

This list is by no means exhaustive, but these are factors to consider before jumping into a stock whose share price has fallen. Don’t jump into a share because ‘everyone is doing it’. Gather enough information on what exactly has gone wrong and how it can be fixed, if at all. At the very least you’ll know that you’re making an informed decision.


I know losing out on the rise of what people consider a great stock is difficult to digest. When presented with an opportunity to finally buy it at a very low price – we shouldn’t charge in blindly. If the share recovers, you’ll have time to get it.


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Regular Contributor

SNH :) 

Regular Contributor

The saying goes in invesing  "never catch falling knives"

Regular Contributor

Another possible thought re decision making - for what its worth. Share falls. no news  around this - but there is an ongoing isue or a  "problem that won't go away" - ask:1. Why is there no solution?

2. And if there is none stay away. 

New Contributor

catching falling knives, meh...

Frequent Visitor

The way I see it, we can still take a gamble if we diversify our holdings. Buy more than one fallen stock. The reserach is still good however, you might miss out on the opportunity of when the share rebounds because you spent time researching. I would assume that only a small portion of those stocks won't rebound. However, this would need to be done baring the transaction costs in mind. I'm farely new at this and my thinking might be a bit misguided. Tell me what you think