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This is what it takes to be a day trader
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You want to quit your job and become a full-time trader earning your income from the charts? It’s not a short journey to living off your trading but it certainly is achievable and ultimately rewarding.

Presented by Simon Brown, this webinar aims to help you understand what’s required. Simon covers:

• Managing correlated and uncorrelated risks
• Draw downs
• Portfolio gearing and,
• Capital required


He also looks at local and offshore options for the trader with a focus on platform and costs.



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Hi good can someone teach how to trade.??


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Hi,How does trading works 

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Every skill including trading can be learnt... the question is whether you are prepared to put in the time to read and study (not talking diploma/degree)


Hi @Mashiyamahle and @risimatiobed23 ,


The video above is a great first step. OST also offers webinars and face-to-face courses for such. As @RNxBillionaire rightly points out, it's a skill you need to study and practice. This webinar series might also help: However, the most important thing really is getting a better education and understanding of what you're doing when you decide to become a trader.

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what if i dont want to do it myself. Is it possible that a pro trader do trade on my behalf for a cetain percentage that he/she will get on all my winnings?