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Top40 returns YTD
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The returns YTD for the Top40 stocks (and 4 main indices) for the first half of 2017.


Bubble size = market cap
# next to code = PE
X axis = DY
Y axis = % move





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Top left quadrant is where it's happening and I own 4 of them. CPI, DSY, CFR & SHP.


Unfortunately I also own some in bottom half; WHL, SOL & BIL.

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I think that the top left corner has already happened (history), so the real question is whether that will continue. 

Also, I think that the guys at the bottom need to be evaluated - will they stay there or will they reverse there fortunes and move to top left.

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Time!! - now that is the question. Overall  - looking through the rear view mirror - it depends on what you paid - and of course the starting point  of "overall" is when you bought them?  And then there are those dividends we love to add in.

But then again as regards dividends and the 20% DWT I am beginning to believe that perhaps after all dividends are not quite so important  - unlike earnings - which are

top of the tree of importance.  I am swinging round to the view that I would rather buy managers who share the same

or lean even slightly towards the same view  - and  rely on my own decisions to sell shares to unlock value and income. And as I am not a trader that means a lower CGT rate -

than 20% . But even that reliance is resting on the continuation of the present tax status quo- because

the inclusion rate will more than likely go up


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Agree with partridge1, but would add that the nature of the business should be taken into account. Resource companies like Kumba and Sasol would have taken a hiding. But because investments are done on future earnings, either one of those companies could easily be the next Top40 darling. It depends on the commodity, and if you can predict that accurately, give me a call. The only people seeking dividend shares in South Africa should be those seeking income. For the rest stay in capital growth, to avoid unnecessary tax.