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What are the account limits?

You must request an Electronic Account Payment (EAP) limit to be set via the branch. Usually the limit is R10 000 a month (but this will all depend on your preference). Should you need to increase or decrease the amount you can request the branch to do so, via any of the following: Securemessage via the Internet; Telephone banking; or visiting any Standard Bank branch with your ID.


Can I transact on an account that's not linked to my card?

No, you will only be able to perform transactions to accounts linked to your card. To link your account, please visit your nearest branch.


What if I want to transact with a different card number?   

This is possible provided the accounts are linked to the card number.


If my card is stopped or cancelled, can I still access my account using cellphone banking?

When your card is stopped or cancelled for any reason, your cellphone banking registration is cancelled. Once you receive a new card, you will need to re-register with the new card number for cellphone banking.

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Can you check my account number  pls 


Hi Khulekani,


As the social media team we cannot share your private information on a public portal. Please call 0860123000 for assistance with that.

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Hi, how do I add/link another card on my dashboard - Thank you!

Community Coordinator

Hello @diphokothabiso


We have attached the link on steps to follow for adding another account.

Please see the link:


Let me know should you still need further assistance.








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How do I send my account details to somebody?

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Hello @Shane1702,


Please be advised that you can share your account details making use of the mobile banking app. Simply;


  • Log onto the app and tap on the tier which shows your account details and balance,
  • At the top of your app display, tap 'details',
  • On the subsequent screen display, tap 'share account details' and and choose the medium you wish to use in order to send your account details.


Kind Regards,


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Please assist. I need to upgrade my prestige account to private banking. 

Community Coordinator

Hello @Pakkies,


Please be advised that if you'd like to upgrade your current account and still keep your present pin, you'll need to visit your nearest branch and log the request in order to be assisted through the process. Kindly take with your ID document and proof of residence in this regards. alternatively you are able to apply for the private banking card online making use of the following link:


Once you've filled in your details, one of our consultants with be in touch with you between 2 to 3 days to help you with your request.


Kind Regards,


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hi,i got a new phone.had to download cellphone banking app again,but cannot remember password to logg in.what do i do

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Can you please check if any money is pending to be deposited into my account?? 

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Good evening 


i have a question. Why cant i downgrade my transactional account from elite banking to a mymo account or a access account and keep my same account number as im sure if i had to upgrade i would get the option to keep the current account number. I only use this account for 1 debit and cant justify paying a montly banking fee of elite banking and If i have to change my account number i may as well move this debit to my primary bank fnb. Please advise further