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Registration and access

How do I register?    

You are able to register for cellphone banking in three ways:  

1) Dial *120*2345# and follow the prompts.

2 ) As an Internet banking user you can use the same customer-selected PIN (CSP) for Cellphone banking. All you have to do is activate cellphone banking on your profile. Once you're registered for cellphone banking, all you need to do is dial *120*2345# or go to from your cellphone browser and start transacting.

3) Call us on 0860 238 837. Our consultants will take you through your registration.


Can I still use cellphone banking even if I'm not a Standard Bank customer?       

The service is only available to Standard Bank customers who have an account that is linked to a Standard Bank card only.


Can I access cellphone banking overseas?  

Yes, all you need to do is activate international roaming on your cellphone account. Alternatively, you can use a prepaid SIM card from the country you are visiting and go to


I changed my cellphone number, why can’t I use cellphone banking?       

Although you are able to register up to 10 devices using one card number, if your cellphone number has changed, the correct number must be updated on the system. Please visit your local branch to do so. 

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How to register on mobile banking?

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