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10 Year Old Teniola Tells Us Why He Loves To Save
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We recently ran a nationwide competition for our CHESS account holders and invited them to write a 500 word essay on the topic "Why I Love To Save". This entry and two others won the competition and took away N50, 000 each in prize money. Read more about the CHESS account here:

Saving is the act of keeping money aside for future use. I love to save because there is a saying that, someone who does not save will be in a mess because he won’t have money to use when he needs it. I love to save because I don’t want to go about begging money from people.

I love to save because it allows me to earn an income. It is fun buying gifts at Christmas time; if I don’t have money that I have saved, I won’t be able to buy things for my brother and sister. I have been saving part of the money my uncles and aunties give me for some time so when I heard about this CHESS account and the essay topic on brainpower show, I quickly beg my mummy to please open an account with the money in my piggy bank. I don’t want her to save the money to buy indomie and cheese balls anymore.

I love to save because it will give me peace of mind, I don’t have to worry about not having money to buy the things I like. I love to save because it makes me happy and I will be able to help my parents when they don’t have enough and I won’t go to them for everything I need. Sometimes my parents will not be at home and we would need to buy something because I have money, I can use it and collect it back when they come from office.

I love to save so that when the money is much I can give my brother and sister out of it and they won’t have to disturb mummy and daddy. It is good to save and I love it and would advise other children to save so they can be better people in the future.