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4 Simple Ways To Save On Your Rent
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We’ve written here ( a while ago on how much of your income should go to paying rent. This post looks at some ways you can save on your rent if you’re a new renter or looking to move houses.

Drive A Hard Bargain
You have more leverage than you think. Make sure you negotiate your rent with your landlady before you sign a lease or renew your lease. You may be able to get fairer terms than you expect.

Team Up
A smart way to save money on your rent is to share a space with a flatmate. This way, you can split the costs on rent, utilities and get the added bonus of not having to do house chores all by yourself.

Furnish Cheaply And Decorate Yourself
Lower your gaze when you pass by all those expensive furniture stores. You can get your furniture cheaper if you can find a talented carpenter to make the essentials for you; a sofa, a table and night stand would do nicely.
You can also find great deals online for some furniture items. Self-decorating will save you a lot of money.

Watch Your Bills
Be mindful of how you use utilities in your apartment. The smallest changes in your utility usage can save you a lot of money. Turn off the lights when you leave a room; don’t leave the water running when not in use, etc. Also, make sure you your electricity meter is intact when you move in so you don’t get any surprises.

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