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Adam Gottlich
Community Coordinator
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Adam Gottlich has a passion for decision science and consumer behaviour. He is a natural leader and is always searching to expand his knowledge and understanding of the world we operate in researching a variety of topics including neuroscience, cognitive science, behavioural economics and evolutionary psychology. He finds inspiration and content from podcasts, books and white papers and keeps a keen eye on the latest research emanating from the world of Behavioural Science.


Adam graduated from University of Witwatersrand with an Honours Degree in Psychology and added a Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Economics from one of the oldest and most reputable universities in Netherlands, Leiden University.  


In his role at Standard Bank he is mandated to influence staff and customer behaviour positively in order to help people make better decisions. Behavioural Science is all about understanding behaviour in a variety of contexts and his work is very scientific in the sense that it involves a lot of strict testing to assess how successful various nudges are as well as rapidly testing hypotheses in various areas. Some recent projects include personalisation tests on the Standard Bank website which have led to an increase in clicks and lead submissions.


Adam also launched South Africa’s first Behavioural Science Academy where is he teaching 35 people from across Standard Bank Group the fundamentals of Behavioural Science. The course is going to be scaled next year as Behavioural Science has been identified as a future skill that can be used across the Group.

Adam’s aim is to make Standard Bank the world leaders in Behavioural Science and believes that this is not only attainable, but it actually something we are making great progress towards.

Adam’s aim in his role is to drive towards truly understanding customer and staff behaviour and believes in elegant simplicity. Adam hopes to complete his MBA and PhD in the near future.

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Good Evening Adam.


I am currently working at SBSA within the Voice Branch space and we deal with customers on a daily basis. I am very much interested in the learnings you have to offer. 


Current Role I am a Project Co Ordinator. 

In my 2nd year of studying Psychology. 


How do I get in touch with you? 

Natalie Cornelius
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Hi Adam 

I'm so delighted to hear that our company actually has a great team with great devotion towards consumer and staff behaviors. I'd also like to be part of such a great experience. I'm in the branch network for 14 years and now have the desire to analyze & inspire.My next is to study part time with Unisa : Industrial Psychology.


Let me know if an opportunity arises! 

Ta, Natalie Cornelius