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Africa Forum focuses on growing importance of Africa as investment destination
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The Standard Bank Africa Forum 2009 conference, taking place in Cape Town from October 27 to 29, will bring together captains of industry from around the world in the core sectors of oil and gas, telecoms and media, power and infrastructure, and mining and metals to engage with each other African policy makers and potential investors on Africa opportunities.

As Standard Bank’s flagship conference, this event typically hosts over 200 delegates. Past prominent speakers have included former US President Bill Clinton, former Treasury Secretary John Snow, former Governor of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan, former World Bank President James Wolfensohn, former Vice President of the United States Al Gore and financial commentators such as Jim O’Neil, Dr Jim Walker, and Jim Rogers. Many policy makers from Ministries of Finance and other government departments, as well as Central Bank Governors have been regular attendees.

Plenary session speakers this year include Pravin Gordhan, South African Finance Minister; Dr Seth Terkper, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Ghana; Prof Njuguna Ndungu, Kenya Central Bank Governor; and Lamido Sanusi, Nigeria Central Bank Governor. Sanusi will also update the delegates on the recent changes in the Nigerian banking system in a key note address.

Trevor Manuel, Minister in The Presidency, National Planning Commission, will address the conference on the final day.

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If the programme line up is anything to go by, Standard Bank's Africa Forum should be interesting and something to look forward to. Can't wait to hear what "Dr Doom" has to say about the state of the global economy

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I don't think anyone expected the conference to kick off with quite such a jolt. Nouriel Roubini's stern warning about the possibility of another recession caused people to sit up in their seats. "We are planting the seeds of the next economic crisis" was one statement he made. Basically, continued borrowing of cheap Dollars to fund risky assets (a process he indicates picked up substantially in around March this year) will come back to bite us when the Dollar price turns and assets need to be sold off to make good the Dollars. Then you will see "everyone running to the door" was his statement. Further. this time around it will not be centred in the US but much more widely spread.

What a way to kick off - lets see what day 2 brings. Off to listen to James Kynge on China shaking the world...
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I thoroughly enjoyed the content from the first day with Roubini's extremely powerful outlook and then turning the focus onto the "prospects for Africa" which shed a very positive light on the African continent!
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Will the various presentations be made available to the public, and if so will it be posted on the banks webpage?
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Thank you for showing so much interest in the Africa Forum. We'll post this info as soon as possible.