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African cities by night
Community Coordinator

Africa has big challenges in meeting its electricity demand. It is expected that power demand will increase 93% between today and 2035.



While improving, the household electrification rate in Africa stands at just 43%, leaving 600 million people and 10 million small- and medium-sized businesses without access to power.



The electrification rate is much higher in the urban areas (65%) than in the rural areas (28%).


But Africa has huge energy reserves. If the continent reinvested just 5% of its oil and coal export revenue, it could achieve modern energy for all by 2030, indicates data from the African Development Bank.


That would light up every corner in Africa, as in the photographs of the cities below.


Kumasi, Ghana by night. Kumasi is Ghana’s second largest city.

Kumasi Ghana.jpg



Image source: Photo/ Flickr/ Chad Skeers


Nile City in Cairo, Egypt. Cairo is Africa’s most populous city.


Nile City.jpg



Image source: Photo/ Flickr/ Ahmad Hammoud


Djemaa el Fna is a square and market place in Marrakesh's medina quarter (old city), Morocco.


Marrakesh Djemaa.jpg



Image source: Photo/ Flickr/ Martin Fisch


View from the Carlton Centre - Johannesburg’s tallest building.


Johannesburg Carlton.jpg

Image source: Photo/ Flickr/ Andrew Moore 


Nairobi at sunset. The city has a population of about 4.5 million.


Nairobi sunset.jpg


Image source: Photo/ Flickr/ Make it Kenya/ Stuart Price


Addis Ababa is a city surrounded by hills and new buildings emerge everyday into a crane-dotted sky.


Addis crane.jpg


Image source: Photo/ Flickr/ Jean Rebiffe


View of Lagos island, Nigeria. Lagos is one of three megacities in Africa, a megacity is defined as one with more than 10 million inhabitants.


Lagos at night.jpg


Image source: Photo/ Flickr/ Jollof Malt


In the middle of a road in Lusaka, Zambia as traffic rushes past. Lusaka connects to the country's four main highways heading north, east, west and south.


Lusaka road.jpg


Image source: Photo/ Flickr/ Adan Ojdahl