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An African Holiday - Why You Should Go To Kenya
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When last did you take a break from your daily routine, see a new place? Or rather have you ever experienced the thrill of exploring new places and meeting new people? Unplug from technology and engage in new activities in new places. Travel fundamentally transforms you.

One of the places you should go to, especially if you are on a budget is, Kenya. It is one of the foremost countries to experience, at first-hand, wild animals in their natural habitat, with diverse landscapes. Kenya has a lovely climate; where else can you go canoeing, hiking, rock climbing and more without sweating like a horse and freezing like penguin?
Kenyans are exceptionally friendly, down to the taxi drivers who will be more than glad to be your tour guide. They know the town best, so who better to show you every important building and highlight the exotic Kenyan culture?

Finding a hotel in Nairobi is easy enough as long as you have a budget and stick with it. Guest houses range between $50-70 but these are most times situated in somewhat residential areas, check out the Headquarters Inn or Fahari Guest House. I recommend that you try a fly-in safari from Nairobi directly to Amboseli or Maasai Mara.

If you are more flexible with your budget, some great recommendations are Hilton Nairobi, Laico Regency, Hemingways Nairobi, Tribe Hotel, Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club.

The currency used is the Kenyan Shilling. One Kenyan Shilling is almost two Naira and the range to a US dollar is currently at just over 85 shillings to a dollar. Card usage is very popular and you should have no trouble using your MasterCard or Visa credit card while you’re there. This is a much safer option than carrying a lot of cash.

The Kenyan brand is one of the most successful brand campaigns launched by any country mainly because it is well-deserved
You get to enjoy a mix of sun, sand, space, serenity and semi-sanity. You can explore the beaches and look out for a samaki wa kukaanga (a fish delicacy) or try the famous Ugali. If you’re daring, feel free to try the traditional Masai diet, but beware – it consists of meat, milk and blood from cattle.

The most important advice I can give is to please book ahead if you do not have family or friends because as much as I love Nairobi, like any big city in the world, it is not safe to just be wandering around looking for a hotel

So, start planning a trip to Kenya today. Go and experience something new. Love yourself and be adventurous. Avienti style!

Shade Ladipo is the CEO of Avienti Limited – a Destination Management Company. With 3 offices in Lagos and inplants in Abuja and some parts of Africa, she lives and breathes travel. Shade is also a Global Shaper representing the Lagos Hub at World Economic Forum events all around the world. She is an on air personality on radio and TV. She debuts the 1st Adventure travel series soon on DSTV called ‘Travel With Me‘.