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Ask for help when in financial strain
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Choosing to skip big payments like vehicle and mortgage loans may sound like a good idea at the time, but this has negative consequences that hit your pocket and good financial standing.


Various solutions and help are available for anyone struggling to keep up with their monthly financial obligations. Whether its drawing up a budget and sticking to it or approaching your bank earlier for help, consumers can avoid being heavily indebted or blacklisted if they take key steps.


South Africans are going through tough times, with job losses hitting industries like mining, construction and utilities.


Our advice to consumers was to also think of saving. It’s always important to save money for a rainy day. Think of a goal like paying off school fees, while also bearing in mind not to skip essential payments. The reality is that payment commitments must be prioritized.


A great saving tool is the clever use of several rewards programmes like UCount, which you can redeem at a Caltex garage to fill fuel, and make a saving on this expense. With such rewards, consumers can make relevant purchases to earn points and save, using selected partners.


When faced with failing to maintain monthly vehicle repayments, options like downgrading the car for a more affordable alternative, joining a lift club, reviewing your insurance agreements or using convenient public transport are also available.


Tips for when in financial distress

  • Identify the challenge early
  • Speak to the right people. Approach your bank first
  • Prioritise the debt
  • The bank is in a good position to assist, before the problem worsens
  • Don’t fail to communicate and leave the problem until it’s too late
  • Without a budget goal, you can’t see where your money is going

Different and innovative savings vehicles

  • Set aside small change from purchases. It can make a difference later
  • Use the Shyft App, it has great rewards like reaching a goal step
  • Fixed deposits and Money market accounts are excellent saving tips
  • Use rewards programmes like UCount and save when refilling on petrol
  • Make use of store loyalty cards, some of them have a lot of value

Car Repayments

  • When you can no longer afford your current pricier vehicle, look at downgrading to a more affordable option
  • Don’t cancel your vehicle insurance
  • Join a lift club
  • Consider using public transport, if convenient to where you live and work
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Victor prins
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hi good day I just want to no I'm in to many debt I try to go under best review but that did not help I cancelled that now I need help from my bond to make live more livable please can you help me

iNtaba eMhlophe
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Hello everyone, how does a non-Standard Bank customer apply for an Access Bond account?
Standard Bank came to my rescue in 1988 when I needed a R40,000 mortgage to fund the purchase of my first property.

Now, in 2020, I return to Standard Bank because other banks have declined me due to my age.

Right, they say a 67 year old man does not qualify for a personal loan or mortgage financing or a credit card.

My property is unbonded. In 2004, I paid R230k cash. It's now worth 3 times that by "Area Average". In my eyes it is worth R1.3-million as it's a residence and not a flat in a Joburg suburb. I don't care what Estate Agents say. They will be excluded when it comes to renting the flat to a professional couple, or to sell starting at R750k which is half its perceived value.

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