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Be wary of phishing scams
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

As part of our ongoing financial literacy awareness campaign on fraud, we are advising all customers to always be on the look-out for sites or phishing emails that pretend to represent Standard Bank or any of the bank’s subsidiaries.

Not sure what a phishing email is here’s a small description
“A phishing email is a form of internet fraud which occurs when an account holder (you for example) responds to a fraudulent email, supposedly from the addressee’s bank requiring internet banking customers to click on a link to verify details for a reward or risk their accounts being deactivated, The link will then directs the customer to a fake website where they will be asked to enter sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details or bank account numbers. Once these details are given, they are e-mailed to the fraudsters, who may then use the details to defraud the customer account without their knowledge.

So keep the following tips in mind:

• Never reply to e-mails asking you to verify your banking details online.
No bank will ever ask you to verify or complete your banking details online.

• Never provide your personal details such as your PIN or account details via
e-mail or on any links within these e-mails. Banks already have information like your ID number, mobile number and e-mail address and will never ask for them via e-mail.

• Never navigate to a bank’s website using a link from an e-mail – always type out the bank’s website address. Always enter our website address ( in the address bar to connect to our Internet banking site.