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Bursar sums up her inspiration
Standard Bank Team
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Viwe Sakela is one of the recipients of a full bursary from Standard Bank Group that will see her through as she embarks on her journey to a BCom Actuarial Science at University of Cape Town (UCT). Viwe recently completed Grade 12 at Bisho High School, which is in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province.

Viwe is a firm believer in the age-old adage of hard work pays off. She says persevere and patience remains the key to success.

In this interview Viwe gives us a glimpse into what drives her and what made her stand out among many other candidates.

- Tell us about your school years. What you loved about school and what motivated you to achieve?
School has been a long wonderful journey. I remember when I first went to school, I was very shy and I cried for the whole week pleading my grandmother not to leave me there. After a while I started to enjoy school.

At school I enjoyed learning especially math, playing and socializing. I started my primary at a rural area called Qunu, in Mtata. When I was doing Grade 3, I moved to Bisho where I matriculated. High school was not much of a challenge; I lived a very balanced life. I had the best moments of friendship in high school.

- How did you choose your university and your course?
Going to UCT has always been my dream ever since I heard that it is the best university in Africa. But, what had been a challenge was choosing a career I am passionate about. I knew that I wanted to do maths but be in business and so I went on to do research about careers in maths. Actuarial science caught my eye as it is going to enable me to use my mathematical skills to solve business problems and risks.

- What are you looking forward to about starting university?
This journey that I am about to go through looks very interesting. I am looking forward to being independent and living life as an adult. Also, by being in varsity means that I am a step closer in to fulfilling my dreams and I am really looking forward into working for my future.

- Who is the person that has most inspired you in your life?
I am inspired by many people and the different stories they have of how they achieved their goals. One of those people is my mom. She has managed to raise four children all by herself. Her matric certificate is the only thing she has but yet still managed to provide for her children. Perseverance, patience, love, kindness is her language. I look up to her and I want to honour and appreciate her by obtaining a degree.

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