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Buying, Selling or Maintaining Your Home? Get a Property Inspection Report
Community Coordinator

Whether you're buying or selling or want to keep your home in good condition, you'll need a property inspection report to understand areas that may need attention.


What is a property inspection report?

It is a report that describes the condition of your home and highlights potential areas that require maintenance or areas that don’t adhere to building standards.


Why should you get a property inspection report?


As a seller, you:

  • know the items that need fixing before you sell and if you fix them, this will contribute to a smoother sale and will be in a position to address defects before putting your house up for sale.

As a buyer, you will:

  • understand what maintenance is required and what defects may be present in the home;
  • understand the approximate cost to rectify those items;

As an existing proud homeowner, you can:

  • address maintenance or defects to maintain the value of your home;
  • if available, access funds in your home loan to repair or maintain your home; and
  • understand whether your home is over- or under-insured.


Whether you’re buying, selling or just wanting to keep your home in good condition,

a property inspection will provide you with:

  • a quote to show you the cost of repairing any defects highlighted in the report or improving any areas requiring maintenance; and
  • an estimated replacement value in case the house had to be rebuilt.


Additional benefits that can be requested:

  • Sourcing and verification of municipal plans; and
  • Financing of green options, such as smart, solar or gas water heating systems.


If you are interested in having your property inspected, please visit click on ‘Products and services’, then ‘Insure what matters’ and then ‘Your home’ to request a property inspection, or click here.


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