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Celebrating 153 years
Community Coordinator

This year we celebrate 153 years of being one of the largest global financial service providers in Africa. Our journey to make progress real in Africa is one of innovation, pioneering spirit and a commitment to Never Stop Moving Forward.




It all began in 1862 when we were established to provide a service for the booming wool industry in the Eastern Cape in South Africa.   


We became the first bank to open for business on the diamond fields in South Africa and soon branched out into the rest of Africa including Zanzibar and Uganda.


Our focus on Africa means that we now operate in 20 countries with over 500 branches and continue to expand our presence on the continent where we make Progress Real.


We strongly believe in innovation to keep Moving Forward and over the years we have achieved many firsts. We were the first commercial bank to launch an Automated Teller Machine (AutoBank) and the first to establish a full electronic branch in South Africa.


We paved the way for women in leadership by appointing the first woman to the main board of a South African banking group. We were the first bank to launch the credit card in South Africa and are celebrating 40 years of its existence in the market. Our new office in Rosebank, South Africa was awarded a 5-star design rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa for having a green building.


These are just some of our milestone achievements and there have been great advancements in terms of the rest of Africa. Visit our Instagram page at StandardBankGrp to go on an interactive journey of the past 153 years of Moving Forward.