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Charitable Giving This Season
Stanbic IBTC team
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We all identify with the end of the year as the season for glad tidings, reflection, thanksgiving and gifting.

There are many ways to give. You can donate provisions, clothes and other amenities to orphanages and other non-profits. If you prefer to do this more directly, you can identify an individual or a family in need and donate to them.

Another way to be charitable is to volunteer your time or skills to a cause. It could be a Christmas party for the sick, or at a skill acquisition centre etc.

Giving is great but as with every other thing, it must be done right. There are some things you should bear in mind before you donate.

a. Make sure your resources are going to be used for the intended purpose: It is important to do some checks on the charities and NGOs that support your chosen cause(s). Ask questions from the recipients, check online for their profiles, and try to determine the integrity of the individuals who are in charge of these charities. Ask as many questions as you need to feel confident in them.

b. Support a cause that resonates with you: If you like children, you should think about supporting organisations that look after children's interests. This is important because you want to be satisfied and happy with your donation now and in the long run.

c. Share what you have in abundance: Always do what is within your means. Anything beyond that defeats the purpose.

You can donate regularly to your favourite charities by adding them as beneficiaries on Stanbic IBTC Bank’s internet banking platform and setting up direct debits to their accounts. The Nigerian Red Cross is listed as a biller on the platform so you can donate easily to them.

Remember there is nothing that is too little to give back. “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” ~ Malcolm Bane.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Sharon Gray
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Hi there you wonderful angels

I am not sure if you can help someone in Cape Town.  I have recently just returned home from 10 days in Cape Town.  While there I visited a school friend of mine.

Gillian McCullough is a very dedicated individual who is running a horse haven close to Cape Point. She has formed a non profit organisation, and has a number for this.  She has also registered with SARS so any donors can be issued with a section 18A certificate.  I was blown away with the excellent and inspiring work Gillian and her daughter are doing, with rehabilitating horses and people.  While I was there, 7 very young girls who had been trafficked and abused, but escaped, arrived and were given amazing, heartfelt therapy by the previously abused horses.  I was moved to tears, just watching the good that was happening before my eyes.


Unfortunately Gillian has only secured between R 2 000 and R 5 000 per month in donations, which is not even close to enough.  She has sold most of her personal items and used most of her personal savings to look after these animals, who in turn help abused and needy people.


She is on a prize tourist fact, while I was there, I notice the tourist buses drive closely past her haven and visit an ostrich farm next door!  I asked her why she doesn't get them to stop at her place.  She has no ablutions even on the land so cannot do so.  The opportunities are huge, if only she had enough to build a little tearoom and ablutions for tourists. That way she could bring awareness to the tourists and travelling folk and possibly secure further funding, as well as giving employment to otherwise unemployed people.  The buses pass her place, enroute to Cape Point!  The farm she is presently on is currently for sale at R 10 million.  First prize would be for someone to buy that property or Gillian's portion thereof and assist with developing a healthy tourist spot and good security.  There is no security at all at this haven.  

I understand that is a tall order, but any regular donations will go a very long way and will be most appreciated.  For the Horse Haven itself, Gillian is in desperate need of: 

  • suitable tack for the horses as all they had was stolen two years ago.  
  • contributions towards oat hay, bran, supplements and Lucerne, 
  • a horse box. 
  • a vehicle that can tow a horse box.
  • and a vehicle that can transport some people.
  • materials to build more shelters, repair fences and maintain the property.
  • security on the property.
  • ablutions on the property.
  • materials to set up an arena for schooling and teaching people  to ride, which would be a further source of income.

I have included two write ups about the haven.

Now, for Gillian herself.  She never complains about herself and her daughter, but I have no idea how they manage to survive on a daily basis.  Gillian's personal items and savings have all been used to look after the horses.  She needs a regular donation for a salary for herself and her own upkeep.  If I was a millionaire, I would definitely donate a large amount to her.  

Angel team, any help you can give towards making this Haven continue to flourish would be most appreciated, and to keep Gillian enthusiastic and to realise there is good in this world, and folk who do notice the good she is doing.

I thank you for your time, in reading this. 

Best regards

Sharon Gray

063 956 2578