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Commemorating Africa Day 2013
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With 150 years’ business banking experience in Africa, Standard Bank Group will be joining in the Africa Day celebrations on 25 May to commemorate the founding of the Organization of African Unity (now known as the African Union) in 1963, which marked the unification of 54 African states.

The day aims to remind countries in Africa that they are not alone in dealing with problems such as poverty, natural disasters, extreme weather and armed conflict in Africa and deserve their independence, rights and welfare.

Standard Bank Group has built an intrinsic understanding of what it means to do business on the continent, demonstrating our understanding of unique local conditions, cultures and market drivers in the 18 African countries in which we operate. This has underpinned our success in Africa and other emerging markets.

Africa Day is not only celebrated on our continent, but also in Asian, Europe and the Americas. Festival usually take place over three to seven days, with many attractions including bazaars, traditional African performances, fashion shows presenting African traditional clothes and speeches concerning the situation in African states.

Celebrate Africa Day 2013 with us in a way that best captures this impassioned spirit: through images that show the vibrancy of this beautiful continent.

Upload your snapshots depicting the colourful life, crafts, land and industry of Africa to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Read all about how you can be part of it:
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