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Design-led thinking
Community Coordinator

Fast-forward to the modern age of digital banking, and we are seeing a massive shift in both customer expectations, as well as the potential of new technology. Companies like Apple and Google have shown us the powerful links between the fields of technology, design and business – and how they converge to create incredible new experiences for customers.


Today, we’re looking at banking through the eyes of our users. We employ a number of principles to gain better understanding and empathy for a particular need, a particular context, or a particular problem.


But this transition to a mobile-based digital world raises a number of interesting questions about just how one can put the customer at the heart of their strategies. Consider, for example…


  • How do you compress someone’s entire financial world onto a device that’s small enough to fit in your pocket?
  • How do you cater for a customer who’s an individual, and also a small business owner, and also an organiser of a community fundraiser, etc?
  • How do you create a service for millions, but smartly tailor it to become personalised and relevant to one individual, at a specific point in time?

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