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Do cellphone banking the Standard Bank way
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

Banking has always been seen as a dreaded time-consuming task. You have to wake up early in the morning to beat the month end rush and join queues at your nearest branch to do things like balance enquiries, cash deposits, transfers and similar tasks.

To make banking a quick and pain-free exercise, we’ve decided to work with a device that most South Africans (about 70%) have and simply can’t live without: cellphones.

Cellphones are convenient but at the same time they’re on the top of the “snatch” list when it comes to petty crime. So what happens if you lose your cellphone and it falls into the wrong hands? Is your bank account in danger of being emptied?

The answer is no. Cellphone banking brought to you by Standard Bank is very safe. Using state of the art technology, Standard Bank has developed a tightly encrypted system that protects your information, this means no one can access your account and here’s why: you’ll need to share your full card number, ATM PIN and identity number to register for this service.

This information is important because our system can access your account and verify that it is actually your account and you are an authentic user.

We have also created a customer selected PIN (CSP) in the registration process. This will be used whenever a transaction is made on your account. As long as you keep these numbers to yourself, no one else will be able to access your bank accounts.

So how do you become part of the cellphone banking family? It’s easy actually, dial *120*2345# and start banking the safe and easy way.