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Does it make sense to buy a funeral policy when you are young?
Community Coordinator
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When you are young hardworking, and ambitious death is not something you want to think about.


The last consideration you want to have when you are starting out is the cost of a funeral, whether it’s yours or that of a loved one. A huge part of growing up involves making decisions that will not only spare you but those closest to you should anything happen.


The truth is that death does not discriminate; it does not ask for age which is why it is important that you have a funeral policy in place from a young age.


Funerals are extremely expensive and having a funeral plan can really take the weight off family’s shoulders when a loved one is lost.

The earlier you contribute to your funeral policy, the better. Purchasing a funeral policy earlier means you are possibly saving yourself from massive debt to cover the cost of burying a loved one in the future.


When you are young flexibility is important and funeral policies need to provide young people with choices when it comes to their cover.

With Standard Bank’s Flexible Funeral Plan, you can also align the cost to your lifestyle and age, choose the amount of cover or premium you want to pay, and pick and choose the benefits you want. It also allows you to change your cover as your circumstances change in life.


The Flexible Funeral Plan caters for your specific needs.  You decide who you want to cover and for how much. Choose your level of benefits and the amount of cover for you and your family.

You can cover up to  six children, eight extended family members and up to four parents and an option to choose additional benefits for the main insured and spouse at an additional premium.


By paying a small amount every month from a young age, you have the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones from any financial stress when dealing with a loss. With the right funeral plan, you will mitigate the risk of getting into debt during such a time.



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