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EcoMobility Festival inspires hope for decongesting African cities
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An overwhelming number of African cities are bursting at the seams with traffic congestion. It is estimated that traffic congestion in Nairobi cost the economy 1bn USD annually and the loss of up to 30 man-hours a week.


Many African cities are trying various initiatives aimed at streamlining the roads and transport sector in their countries with the aim of decongesting traffic and building a future towards a sustainable path.


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South Africa is leading the way, hosting the EcoMobility Festival in Johannesburg’s Central Business District, Sandton. This unique event is the world’s second-ever and Africa’s first, car-free city district event. The project will visualise and inspire residents and visitors what an ecomobile future could look like. The aim is to show that a car free business district is possible and that public transport, walking and cycling can be accessible, safe and an attractive alternative.


The EcoMobility Festival will showcase the Rea Vaya bus rapid transport scheme and public transport, cycling and walking friendly infrastructure that the city is currently constructing in the CBD (Central Business District). The city will host discussions, fun runs, cycle rides and other events to attract people to the Sandton CBD to experience the car-free environment.


The first EcoMobility World Festival was organised in 2013 by the city of Suwon, South Korea. The month-long event attracted over one million national and international visitors. The event also gave local innovators and businesses a chance to demonstrate their mobility alternatives to conventional fossil fuel vehicles.


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