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Enter the world of a UX designer
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The title UX Designer or UX Specialist is not a commonly known term for people outside the IT industry. Online access to an organisation needs to meet consumers’ standards in terms of ease of use and look-and-feel. At Standard Bank Group we want to ensure that people are able to have easy and quick access to our online products, information and services. 


To do this, we rely on the expertise of designers and UX to bring this to life. "UX" stands for "User eXperience", and an UX designer or UX specialist is someone that works on designing systems based on the user’s needs and requirements to give them an experience that is differentiated from those of other organisations.


UX jobs require constant interactions with customers to understand their needs, requirements and expectations. In our world this would include the online banking portal, share trading portal or even the Careers website. UX Design is all about working WITH people more than working on your own in front of a screen. Below you can view one of Standard Bank Group's UX Specialists Pieter Moolman, who gives an outline of what his role entails.


Some UX designers could have backgrounds in graphic design, visual arts, etc. and it is important for us to see your value. Having a portfolio of your work to show us is important and would need to highlight scenarios developed, personas created, wireframes created – anything and everything that can show your process and successes.  


The personality and character of a UX designer is about being able to bring the business and customer together to agree on what is best for the business. It’s a constant work-in-progress for the benefit of the organisation’s market share through competitive edge and satisfied customers whose expectations have been exceeded.


If this sounds like something you’re interested in be sure to visit these links below to apply now:

- UX Designer -

- Visual Designer -

- MIS Analyst -


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Hi i would love to get in touch with Pieter Moolman I have projects that i think would be of interest to him with regards to Stadard Bank and UX Design what is his email and contact number