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Festive friendship between Isle of Man and Uganda schoolchildren
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

Joe Smith of Standard Bank Isle of Man recently visited Mifumi Primary School in Uganda with a donation of 87 boxes of clothing, shoes and books collected from colleagues and the community. He also brought with him a special learning opportunity.

During his visit the Mifumi schoolchildren got to meet fellow classmates from a school in the Isle of Man. This was made possible via an Intenret link installed by Standard Bank Isle of Man at Mifumi Primary School. Since the first Skype meeting - a first for many of the learners - both schools have established a penpal system to stay in touch with each other. This provides an invaluable learning experience as the schoolchildren gain a broader knowledge and view of other cultures.

Standard Bank Isle of Man’s relationship with Mifumi Primary School began in 2013 to support Mifumi Project’s mission for children to achieve their full potential by improving academic performance and excellence.

Roughly 13 years ago Mifumi Primary School was only a thatched hut and classes were held under a tree. Now there are more than 700 children at the school with a team of dedicated staff and several classroms.

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