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Financial education drive in Botswana
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Stanbic Bank Botswana has begun a financial literacy campaign at schools in Botswana.

It has been found that many people in Botswana, regardless of their level of education, do not have a basic understanding of financial principles. This means that they battle to gainfully engage in constructive dialogue around financial matters.

This situation calls for an improved financial education starting at the very elementary levels. Stanbic Bank has produced a set of financial literacy booklets for distribution to local schools. Ultimately, we would like to see these books incorporated into Botswana’s school curriculum.

A lack of basic financial understanding could lead to wrong choices that could affect both a person’s career and personal life. Some of the common problems people with low financial literacy experience is that they do not understand the importance of investing and saving for the future.

This has resulted in Botswana having among the lowest levels of savings per household and one of the highest levels of debt per household in Africa.

Stanbic Bank’s financial literacy campaign will go some way to ensuring a financially secure future for the people of Botswana.

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This is a good initiative by Stanbic bank. I personally feel that this is a relevant topic to be discussed at school level. There are children with greater potential for business in these schools, and this potential can only be revealed if the necessary tools are made available to them.

I have attended and presented on some similar topics before. These included Entrepreneurship for high school students' which proved to be a success in Zimbabwe.

I could share some points and views with those who are interested.
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I am an 18-year old first year student at U.B. The issue of financial literacy among us as the youth of Botswana is one that I take very seriously. I feel that the time has come for us to let go of our government mentality and make successes out of our own experiences.

This is a project that I would like to peruse so please share your points on how best to go about this