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Food for thought during school holidays
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The teachers and learners of the Lungisani High School in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, are very keen to improve their annual pass rate. They are going the extra mile by providing additional tutoring during school holidays for learners who want to catch up or improve their knowledge.

Unfortunately this honorable intention was faced with a problem because the South African Government’s feeding scheme -- that normally helps during school terms -- does not provide meals over the school holidays.

Because of this, Peter Malinga, the marketing manager of our Mpumalanga Provincial Acquisitions, decided to adopt the school and provide meals during school holidays. He and his colleagues say the sterling effort from teachers and learners deserve recognition and his entire team is actively involved in buying and preparing food for the project.

They too went the extra mile and approached key business partners for financial contributions to help supply lunch for five days to about 120 learners.

The Mpumalanga Provincial Acquisitions team believes hardworking learners need a daily nutritious meal to fuel their enthusiasm.

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