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Get the most out of your insurance policy. Top tips to ensure you stay covered.
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While some may consider insurance to be a grudge purchase, it is important to protect your assets and belongings. Whether you need to cover your car, home or household contents, it is vital to understand the terms of your specific insurance policy to avoid any disputes over potential claims.


Here are a few tips to keep your valuables covered:


Buying a car is no small feat, so to ensure that your car is fully covered, do the following:


  • Make sure that the regular driver, i.e. the person who drives the insured vehicle most often in any given period, is listed on the policy as the regular driver. This is important as the premium is calculated on the risk details of the regular driver.
  • Specify vehicle accessories or extras that are not standard or factory-fitted, such as roof carriers, canopies and smash-and-grab coating. You may need to pay a separate premium in order for these items to be covered by your policy.
  • Insure your vehicle for the correct amount. It is your responsibility to update your policy regularly as the value of your vehicle depreciates over time.
  • Insure your vehicle for the correct class of use; i.e. if your vehicle is used for commercial purposes or to generate business, it must be insured under a commercial insurance policy and not a personal lines policy. Gig work such as Uber or Bolt usage is regarded as commercial use.

For homeowners, keep your most valuable asset protected by doing the following:


  • Insure your property for the current replacement value, i.e. the cost of rebuilding the entire property and its outbuildings, including removal of debris, architecture and municipal costs.
  • Do not forget regular maintenance such as cleaning your gutters to avoid debris build-up which may result in water damage to ceilings and other damages.
  • Regularly inspect wiring to identify faulty or substandard wiring. During a storm, unplug all electronic equipment. Using surge protectors may be beneficial under these circumstances.
  • Ensure your pets are kept safely on the property to avoid injuries to others outside your home or when you receive visitors. Personal liability expenses can become costly. 


To protect your valuable home contents in the event of loss or damage, do the following:  


  • List all of your household contents such as clothing, furniture, tools and electronic devices to ensure that you are covered adequately.
  • Make sure that your household contents and all moveable items are insured for the current replacement value, i.e. current cost to replace such items, as insurance replaces old items with new items when a loss occurs.
  • Have the right type of cover for specific items. For example, if you require accidental damage cover, make sure that it is included in your policy.
  • Specify all items taken out of the property or worn on yourself such as cell phones, jewellery and sporting equipment under the all-risks section of the policy in order to be fully covered.

Lastly, if you have all-risks insurance cover, make sure you do the following:


  • Keep proofs of purchase in a safe place as you will need them if you claim for specific items.
  • Evaluate your home contents regularly to ensure they are adequately covered.

Follow these tips and save yourself the time and cost of having to repair or replace your car, home or household valuables yourself. 


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