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Ghana- a golden investment opportunity
Community Coordinator
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Once known as the Gold Coast because of the vast mineral deposits between its seemingly infinite Ankobra and Volta rivers in the 1400s, this West Africa nation, now in the 21st century, boasts the 92nd largest export economy in the world- based on cocoa, petroleum and gold. It’s also recognised as one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse nations in Africa.


Ghana can potentially offer much growth and substantial returns. It is West Africa's second-biggest economy after Nigeria (but much more diversified than the latter) and more than two decades of political stability and democratic rule have allowed the country to experience strong, stable economic growth.


ghana-243926-Twitter-1024x512.jpgGhana is Africa’s second-biggest gold producer after South Africa, and is also rich in diamonds, manganese ore, bauxite and oil. However, more than half its labour force is concentrated in agriculture, rice, coffee and cassava, yielding cocoa- being the world’s second largest producer of cocoa.


Electricity generation is a critical factor in the development Ghana’s economy, but the nation is currently experiencing blackouts (known as ‘dumsor’) due to shortages. Fortunately, the Ghanaian government’s interest in renewable energy development should increase local electricity generation in coming years.


This rich nation holds golden investment opportunities, and with the diverse ethnicities, customs and languages, a partner who has strong cultural collateral, people on the ground who understand, respect and connect with the people, is key for growth in Africa.


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