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Giving back to hearing impaired children
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

10th October 2014 was another extraordinary and special day for SBN. Not only were we once again able to display our commitment and passion for helping the less fortunate but we were also able to give back in the form of laughter, fun and love to the children of (ClaSH) the Association for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing Impairments of Namibia.

ClaSH has been one of our longest running CSI projects having supported them since 1998. This year we once again showed our continuous dedication by sponsoring a total of N$115 000 towards the production of the 18th edition 2015 CLaSH calendar. The remaining funds will be used for outreach activities such as general awareness on ear care, prevention of hearing loss, early education and sign language stimulation of children with communication difficulties.

SBN is a firm believer in quality education and we understand the importance of supporting efforts such as helping children face their hearing difficulties in order to face a successful and independent life. Therefore we will always provide loyal support to the wellbeing of children at CLaSH.