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Growing our people
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While Standard Bank is all about helping our clients make the right connections and move forward, we are also passionate about improving and helping our team grow and reach new heights. Education is key and this is why throughout the Standard Bank Group, learning takes place everyday.

In 2008 Standard Bank spent over R500 million on training. This figure represents three percent of our payroll.

We spend so much energy and money on training because:
- we are committed to growing our people; and
- we are building a sustainable organisation for the future.

Our commitment and determination to grow our people gives us the competitive edge because successful organisations can attract and retain talented people. Talented people will join and remain loyal to an organisation that offers great and appropriate development opportunities.

We offer training in two key areas, leadership development and technical training, which are developed on a country and business unit basis so to allow for the necessary differences.

Are our learning initiatives achieving what we set out to do? Our returns on this fairly hefty investment will be measured in the success of Standard Bank Group, our ability to adapt to a changing environment and whether we are still considered a successful organisation in years to come.