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How WaterSavr SA is solving a key water issue
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Water evaporation is one of the leading challenges facing the manufacturing sector, and the greater South African business eco-system. The need for water conservation was significantly highlighted following the severe drought conditions that impacted South Africa last year, resulting in eight provinces being declared disaster areas. WaterSavr SA is a new venture, and despite the recent rains in Gauteng and KZN, it’s aiming to plug a gap in the market when it comes to sustainable water conservation. The company supplies a powdered substance that can be added to open dams or on-site storage tanks to reduce the amount of water businesses lose to the sun.


WaterSavr SA’s powder can be applied to any large body of water from a small boat or through an automated spreader. Once applied, a thin film forms on the surface of the water, which then automatically spreads, thereby limiting the amount of water lost due to evaporation. This technology can help water reliant businesses, that still use open dams and tanks, to save money and reduce environmental impact. Follow #WorldWaterDay on Twitter to join the conversation.













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