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How can banks provide what really matters to an increasingly digital customer?
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To satisfy the digital customer of the future, banks will need to transform themselves through strategic digital enablement and also provide everyday solutions by playing a bigger role in their customers’ online lives.


This is what we can learn from The Accenture Technology Vision for Banking 2016 report, a document that claims 85% of bankers expect the pace of technological change to increase rapidly in the banking industry over the next three years.


To run at this pace, banks need more than the right technology; they need to use that technology to enable the right people to do the right things in an adaptable and change-ready workforce.

What really matters to customers is the lowering of costs, provision of a more personalised and proactive customer service, a more vibrant and empowering working environment, the creation of internal business efficiencies, and improvements in the levels of customer convenience and security.


According to Deloitte’s recent Mobile Consumer Survey, The Africa Cut 2015/2016, African consumers live more and more “in the app”. Multinationals can take centre stage with a localised app-ecosystem-for-life that handles essential activities in one place, and evolves through sophisticated customer and data analytics. Further, African multinationals will need to create business models around smartphone and data-centric phone users.


This does not mean that banks will cease to exist; in fact, targeting the digital user of the future is where the major opportunities will be unlocked for banks. At Standard Bank, we are already acting speedily to embrace new innovations on a daily basis. Our ongoing adoption of innovative customer-centric solutions, internal workflow change and a fervent focus on the African market has seen our mobile banking traffic grow 100% a year. Our strong footprint across Africa will continue to unlock opportunities for the provision of financial services.


While customers trust banks to hold their money and personal data, they are sceptical when it comes to trusting banks to provide the best service, value and advice. Yet, we constantly strive for change that will improve what really matters to our customers, aiming to be ahead of the trends that are shaping the behaviour of the customer of tomorrow.


Such trends include the fact that more than half of consumers across Africa check their phones within 5 minutes of waking and before going to bed. It is imperative that we operate within this eco-system to deliver value and enhanced user-experiences. Understanding the power and opportunity of consumer developments like these will shape the business and retail banking model of the future.


This is, indeed, the most exciting time to be in banking.